Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that this is not a scam and Virgin platform international is into legitimate business?
Virgin Platform International is a legally registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission, (CAC): RC 1414172, Licensed by Nigerian Communication Commission, (NCC): CL/S&I/095/18, have Strategic partnership with 9mobile Nigeria: SP0000460. Have offices as displayed. The online service, VP e-Business, is trade marked by Federal ministry of trade and investment. Have Tax Identification number, (TIN), Obtained EFCC SCUML, have accounts with Commercial banks. Etc

What if after paying for 3 months, Virgin platform International disappears with my money?
The Telecommunication service you pay for is installed upfront on your line from the day you port your line or collect your SIM card, we do not keep your money. 9mobile Nigeria renews and gives you the monthly value you subscribe for. Virgin platform International only offers you a share of its commission from 9Mobile for helping them promote their business.

Must I introduce people?
NO! If you do not want to earn commission by referring people, you can only subscribe to the telecom product plan of your choice, however, you may still enjoy commission by system auto placement from other customer’s’ extra referrals if you are on Continuous Earning commission
On ONE-OFF COMMISSION, how much is the highest total amount I can earn?
There is no limit on how much you can earn on One-Off Commission pattern, as long as you keep introducing customers to us and keep renewing your subscription on your line, you keep earning.
If I choose, Networking commission, How long will it take for me to earn up to N546,000?
It depends totally on you and your team work. It could happen in a month and it could happen in a year. The more inflow of new customers, the faster every member finishes his circle but commission stops when you have earned up to either N546,000.
Can I use my existing 9Mobile line?
Yes but you MUST NOT register under a customer but directly under Virgin Platform International, we can also PORT any of your existing line from other networks to 9Mobile network while retaining your original phone number and activate any plan of your choice on it for you.

Can I start payment with just 1 month subscription for any of these bundles?
Yes you can, however, to be eligible to withdraw your commission, you MUST consistently renew your subscription plan for 3 months without skipping. At the end of the 3rd month, your account is activated giving you access to withdraw any amount accrued in your e-wallet account.

Who pays my commission?
Virgin Platform international is solely responsible for your commission payment. 9mobile has no business with payment of your commission.